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The Daily Donna, 12/3

The continuing saga of Donna and his magic fire truck.  All previous articles are archived in the Donna category.

We Are Because I Say We Are

Throughout the forum threads, Donna continues to dispense handy tips and profound wisdom:

I carry and use a compass…i carry it in my truck and use it for my IC situations and “placing” my men on scenes(ie,E2 west wall,R4 north wall,etc)and for alot of fireground coordinances and mapping.They come in very handy for that as long as you are not near the actual flames. ….. theres some that know thier east from thier west and thier north from thier south…just by the “feeling”.Mainly I use it for my own coordinances but if its not a major incident(in our eyes) then i just walk around and point to where i want them.

It was about this point that he was not being taken very seriously anymore.  In fact, open ridicule is more descriptive of what was going on, putting him on the defensive:

And my “grammar” just the way I speak…ever heard of an ACCENT????

Not like that one, no.

Right about this time Frederick discovered the joys of eBay selling and buying.  But the buying part was a slow learn for him because he didn’t want to actually pay for the things he bid on.  But he was skilled at the game of misrepresentation.  He posted this photograph of what he purported to be his valiant firefighters at the Bridge Canyon VFD:


He pointed out that he is the petite woman seen in the center of the front row.  A happy bunch of well-equipped firefighters, right?

Maybe so, but they’re not from Seligman.  In a small town of 500 there’s no such thing as somebody who isn’t known.  Several people in Seligman have studied this picture carefully and they all agree that none of those people have ever been residents of the community.  Further, the photo was taken inside a block building as you can see.  There are only three block buildings in Seligman and this is definitely not one of them.

But he’s just getting going with his eBay snow job.  He also posted his credentials as a super-firewoman:

Department Chief: Donna *****
Fire Service Experience: 17 years
Years of Service in Present Department: 6

My Fire Service Career began in my teens during High School as a Junior Member in an all Volunteer Department in the State of West Virginia.
After a few years on that Department(during my training years),I progressed on to Bigger and Paid Departments.I moved from Company to Company throughout my Career for the sole purpose of learning the Fire Department Management Techniques as well as learning the operational ways and ideas of other Departments.I have even been a member of “museum type” non-response Departments for further learning as well.Today,throughout all of my experiences with different Departments,I was able to make it to Chief of this Department.
My Department Memberships in the past includes The City of Hagerstown,Maryland,The City Of Chambersburg,Maryland,The City of Cumberland,Maryland as well as many other smaller volunteer Departments throughout the East and West Coast.My sole Training came from The State of Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute in College Park,Maryland and my training has included,Firefighting 1,2 and 3,Trench Rescue,Automobile Extrications,IC Operations,Fireground Operations,and many others including several Medical oriented Traning Courses.I Have a Degree in the Fire Sciences as well. 

Now he has made some verifiable claims.  We’ll look at those tomorrow.

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