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The Weekly Donna – 1/12

The continuing saga of Donna and his magic fire truck.  All previous posts are archived in the “Donna” category. 

THE HOLIDAY HIATUS IS OVER and our Donna reports resume.  Today we will look at the fantasy fire department’s firehouse.



This lead paragraph from the BCVFD recruiting poster that was delivered around the neighborhood invites prospective volunteers to “come to a training meeting” at the firehouse.

What kind of a firehouse does a make-believe fire department with no firefighters have?  Well, more or less, this is it:


It’s mostly used for storage.  However, it looks like they might have a day room in there with that satellite tv dish.  That will encourage the volunteers to hang around some more, especially on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here’s a view of the rear apron:


You can get a view of that nice antenna tower that some well-meaning, but naive, person donated to the BCVFD.


As we have noted previously, the engine bay is sumptuous and has plenty of room for additional apparatus.

We have not yet been able to determine where the hose washing takes place, though.

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