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Bye-Bye Donna !

ONE LESS HOUSE SIREN IN SELIGMAN, ARIZONA, this week. Frederick Cross, aka: Donna Clark, the self-appointed fire chief of the one-weirdo Bridge Canyon Volunteer Fire Department, has packed his trunks and left town. Uncle Charlie quit his janitor’s job at the general store and apparently left with him.

The struggling FD known for having the world’s largest engine bay – as big as the whole outdoors – is no more.


Freddie sold off most of his vehicles. The local scrap dealer got the water tanker at a great price. The 1964 Boardman pumper is currently up for sale on eBay. Scroll down to the next posting for the complete details of this great offer. He hasn’t come up for trial yet, so we don’t know if he’s gone on the lam, or just liquidating his ill-gotten assets before an expected trip up to the Big House in Phoenix.


Attention newer readers: If you’re not up to speed on who funny Freddie is, go over to the Categories list on the right sidebar and click on “Donna.” Scroll back the to bottom of page 2 and then read forward. It’s worth the trip, believe me.

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Have You Seen This Man?

He’s usually dressed in women’s clothing and likes to talk Fire Department talk. Lately he’s been seen riding on the passenger’s side of the camper because the Sheriff took away his phony driver’s license. Wherever he pops up he will likely be peddling off some FD hand tools, equipment or running gear that he’s scammed off of some unwitting donors.

His full name is Frederick Renan Cross. D.O.B. Aug. 10, 1966.

He often uses a different name, perhaps because of his criminal past, and most recently went under the alias of Donna Clark.

Other aliases he has used are: Donna White; Donna Dorothy Clark; Donna R. Clark; Don Clark; M. Mann; Michelle Denise; Donna Fredericks; Meg Young, Attorney.

If you see him/her, or hear of any activities that suggest his presence, please let Firegeezer know right away.

Now scroll down to the next posting and see how you can get a piece of fire department history for your very own by purchasing the infamous BCVFD pumper.

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