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Donna’s Pumper Parked At eBay

YES, AS PART OF THE BCVFD LIQUIDATION, Fire Chief Donna has his/her 1967 Boardman pumper up for sale on eBay (HERE).

Now you can own a piece of history for only $3,500 (or more).

Donna may be gone from town, but his accomplice is handling the sale of his favorite pumper.


The seller’s nom de plume is Javidad1 with a “12” feedback rating.  If you look up his feedbacks you will find that most of them are from only two people who are both no longer registered with eBay.

The closing date of this sale is tomorrow, Wednesday May 28, shortly after 10 pm Pacific time.


The vehicle description is really pushing the limits of credibility here.  They are saying that the vehicle is in “excellent” condition and that “everything such as hoses ….. are in mint condition.”  It’s going to be hard to prove that fire hose that has been sitting outside for years in the desert sun is in mint condition.  Not mentioned is if the dozen sets of new running gear that he conned out of a donor is included.

If you have any questions, they give you a phone number:  (928) 699-8185 where you can ask “Bud.”  For example, you might want to know when the pump had its last test and certification.  Or what the pump capacity is and how much water the booster tank holds.  Give Bud a call and let us know these answers.  Inquiring minds want to know.  The phone number is listed to a cell phone that was issued in Flagstaff, Arizona.


If you’re the winning bidder, you need to send your 10% deposit to  Full payment is required in 7 days and you have to pick up the pumper.  It’s location is never disclosed other than it is somewhere in Arizona.  But at the top of the listing, the item is registered as being located in Glendale, California.  Ever the con man.

Maybe Bud can tell you where it is when you call for information.


Make sure you scroll down to the thumbnails and view the nine photos that they have put up for our informative amusement.

For instance:  Look at this!
Have you ever seen a firetruck with a necker’s knob on the steering wheel?
“We don’t need no two hands to drive a fire engine”


Just CLICK HERE to visit the eBay selling page.  Remember, the auction closes Wednesday night shortly after 10 pm Pacific time.


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