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Spending today and tomorrow attending the State of the Science, the annual meeting of the U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS Medical Directors – known as the Eagles. They have a two day invitation-only work session followed by a two-day State of the Science presentation. These are intense, 10 minute presentations that cover the clinical spectrum of EMS care. Program Agenda HERE.

For those that follow the EMS conference and periodical industry, the Eagles approach has influenced the Journal of EMS (JEMS) magazine and the EMS Today and EMS Expo conferences.

JEMS has provided a pre-conference editorial supplement (HERE).

Dallas County Hospital District

Dallas County Hospital District

This blog entry (HERE) explains what the Eagles do and links to a .pdf file from their Recommended Practices paper that came from the 2007 meeting. NO MINIMUM RESPONSE TIME FOR ALS TRANSPORT UNITS.

The conference used to be at a Marriott located in an office park complex in a Dallas suburb. This year the conference is at the Fairmont Dallas, a luxury hotel in the Arts district.

Dinner with a midwest medical director, a former ems system director (and GWU EHS student) and a national ems speaker was elegant – sandwiches from Jimmy Johns. We went back to the hotel lounge, because the store was closing when we showed up at 7 pm. (note to twitter pal PGFDPIO, I drank Diet Coke :) )

Mike “FossilMedic” Ward
Dallas, TX

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