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Not HER Again !

EVERY FIRST-DUE HAS A “REGULAR” WHO continually demands some sort of ambulance service.  Everyone knows their name, their address by memory, and what they look like.

Ambulance crews in Aberystwyth, Wales, thought they had finally seen the last of Amy Beth Dallamura, 45, when she moved away to Sussex last September.  Amy had caused the EMS to expend more than £1 million just rescuing her from 50 suicide attempts  by wading out into the ocean, or leaping off piers, jetties, rocks and cliffs in the seaside town since 2001.  On one occasion her misadventure caused the call-out of a helicopter, two lifeboats, and two shore rescue teams totalling 26 men.


Amy Beth Dellamura

The local magistrates then issued an Anti-social Behavior Order (ASBO) banning her from going in the sea, onto beaches or the promenade in the town.

Last Saturday, Feb. 20, Dallamura returned to Aberystwyth and asked the magistrates to lift the order, which they refused to do, saying that it would remain in place until further notice.  She had apologised for the concern she had caused and argued that her Asbo was “no longer necessary”.

Rebuffed in her appeal, she immediately went out to the cliffs and initiated “rescue” number 51 for the Wales Emergency Service ambulance.

BBC News brings us the latest chapter in this adventure HERE.

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