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Low-Speed Propane Tanker Rollover

A PROPANE TANK TRUCK MAKING A HOME DELIVERY in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Tuesday morning, rolled over causing a moment of anxiety in the neighborhood.


Intelligencer-Journal photo

The truck was turning into the driveway leading to a house when the rear wheels slipped off the pavement causing it to overturn.  The truck did a complete rollover down an embankment before coming to rest in the yard.  The 2,500-gal. tank maintained its integrity, but since the truck is also powered by the fuel it carries, there was a slight leak coming through the engine.

A haz-mat response team was able to successfully shut off the leak and a friendly wind quickly dissipated the propane that escaped into the atmosphere.

WHP Ch. 21 has the video report:

The Intelligencer-Journal has the full STORY.

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