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“Call An Ambulance…”

JIM CAGLE OF SPRINGFIELD, OREGON, HAS A HISTORY of heart disease.  So he knows the drill if he starts getting chest pains as he did recently.  He went to the Urgent Care department at the Sacred Heart Medical Center where he was evaluated.  KVAL-TV tells us what happened next:

At RiverBend Urgent Care in Springfield, doctors told him it probably wasn’t a heart attack but wanted him to go to the emergency room for follow-up tests.
The two are separated by two sky bridges in the Sacred Heart Medical Center complex at RiverBend.

So Cagle asked:  “Do you want me to walk, or in a wheelchair or what,” he recalled. The answer: “‘We’re gonna call an ambulance.’ So I got an ambulance ride from one corner of the hospital to the other.”

Despite his protests, Cagle says he was strapped to a stretcher for an ambulance ride from urgent care over to emergency. He doesn’t remember being treated while in the ambulance.  “Just a ride,” Cagle said.

The charge by Rural/Metro for ambulance transportation in Springfield has just gone up to $1,600.  That’s roughly $800-a-minute if you’re in hospital care at Sacred Heart.

KVAL has it covered in this video report:

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