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Major Fire in Torrington, Connecticut

A FIRE WAS REPORTED SHORTLY AFTER 5 AM THIS MORNING at a vacant factory complex in the center of Torrington, Connecticut.  When the first units arrived they found one of the five industrial buildings heavily involved with fire.

WTNH-TV Ch. 8 has this daybreak video report:

The complex was last used by the Smurfit-Stone Container Corp., a Missouri company that made cardboard boxes there before they vacated the plant in 2000.  Some early reports say that the building that is burning has lately been used as a public storage facility.

The fire has gone to four alarms and is still burning.


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Update, 2 pm:
The building that housed the fire was completely destroyed.  The FD’s were able to contain the fire to that one building in the 5-bldg. complex, however there was some damage to neighboring houses from the heat generated by the flames that reached 40-50 ft. high during the most intense part of the blaze.

The fire building was being used by the Daly Moving & Storage Co. and was filled with household goods.


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The Republican-American has an updated report HERE.

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