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Captain Schmoe is in a Jam

From THIS post “Schmoe won’t play (probably)”

A District Edict came down a few weeks ago, directing us to check for this (tax) certificate as we conduct our inspections. In the twenty five years that I have been employed by the Kinda Big F.P.D. I have never been used as a tax collector by proxy, I don’t intend to be used as one now.

The collection of this tax has nothing to do with the preservation of life or property. Us checking to insure compliance is an idea hatched by a bean counter in the county finance department and is solely a method to generate additional revenue.

I have no problem enforcing the Fire Code or the County Code as it applies to fire / life safety. I try to develop a rapport with the business owners in my district. I count on them to be prudent when it comes to fire safety. I try to educate them on the various hazards that we come across. A fire in their business is not good for them nor is it good for us.That isn’t what this is about. This is about money. link to original post.

Resulted in THIS senior staff meeting:

You need to see the video on Schmoe’s site: Report on Conditions.

Loved the insider references!

Mike “FossilMedic” Ward

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