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First Arriving Network

Morning Lineup – October 1

Lineup will be relatively brief this morning.  I’ll be heading up to Fairfax this morning to spend a few hours at the Fire Officers Seminar.  FossilMedic is manning the Firegeezer table in the exhibit area today and tomorrow and I’ll be there during the lunch break today to say hello to everybody.  Some other obligations are keeping me away tomorrow, I’m afraid.  But we have time for a few snippets before we start equipment check.

First of all, if you haven’t read that far down yet, be sure to scroll down a couple of more postings and read our article about the continuous-pumping heart.  These are artificial hearts that use tiny rotary pumps and as such, you have a living, breathing patient with no pulse.  An interesting dialogue has already started in the Comments section, so check it out and consider using it for your 15-minute drill in the day room this morning. as you probably are aware, is the leading blog for North Carolina fire and ems happenings.  But today he has an interesting posting from out of state about a ladder truck that carries 500 ft. of ground ladders and a crew of 18 truckies.  A city-wide truck company.  Talk about combining your resources!  And no, it’s not in Baltimore.  CLICK HERE to read about it.

The National Hockey League season begins tonight, so my television plans are already made.  The first dozen games of the season are usually not indicative of how the teams will be playing later, however.  It takes a few contests for the players to get their team coordination honed on their playmaking.  But it’s fun nonetheless.

All right, let’s get things checked out now.  I’ve got to get the coffee started.

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