First Arriving Network
First Arriving Network

Morning Lineup – October 16

Welcome to Firegeezer 3.0 and our new look!

Thanks to those of you who sent us emails telling that you like our new design.  It was time for a face-lift anyway, but this ties in nicely with our new adventure with FireEMS Blogs.  It is a collaboration with Go>Forward Media, the wizards who bring us Firefighter Nation and JEMS.  Over the next few weeks you will be seeing a greater integration of all three branches.

Starting off yesterday with our own Big Bang, there are about 15 top-quality fire, rescue and EMS-related blogs in this community.  You might have noticed already that some of your favorite blogs changed their appearance yesterday and have a mildly similar look to each other.  All of us are still independently operated and stand alone in the blogosphere like we always have, but we are gathered in the parking lot where we can swap links and let you browse the sites from one web stop if you wish.  You can always click onto us from your Favorites list just like you always have, but now there is the additional option to start out at the homepage and see what’s up.  It is a dynamic site that has a running listing of the latest articles as they are posted, and soon there will be a cross-pollination of links where an article on one blog will automatically give you links to stories on a similar topic that are on other sites.

Let me touch on a couple other points for now, and then we’ll get started on today’s postings.

When the great digital migration machine moved our archives over from the old servers, it looks like a few of the recent Comments escaped.  I’m trying to round them up and get them back with the herd, but it’s not always possible.  We’re trying, but you know how it goes with this internet stuff.  You’ll notice that the Comments procedure has a slightly different look to it, too.  But it operates the same, you write down your thoughts and press the button.  However, soon you will find that this Comments setup will be expanded to other social network sites.  For instance, if you post a link to one of our stories on Facebook, and a friend of yours reads it, they can post their comment directly from their Facebook page.  When that stuff gets activated, I’ll explain more about it.  It’s a whole new era of integrated internet communications.

Another nifty feature that we’ve added is the Translator box that you’ll see on the right sidebar where all the flags are.  If somebody in, say Germany, links onto Firegeezer, then they just click on the German flag and the entire page is posted in their language.  I’m really tickled with this because on any given day Firegeezer gets visitors from 20 to 30 different countries.  This will open up our dialogue with firefighters from other countries and cultures so that we can learn more from each other.  We’re just getting started.

One more thing that I need to point out is that this new design displays just the last 6 postings on the front page.  So you’ll need to get used to clicking on the “Next>>>” button on the bottom of the page to make sure you haven’t missed anything.  Especially starting next week when we begin Part 2 of our renovation.

There will be more tips passed along in the next few days as even more features get introduced and I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this new way of getting your online information and entertainment as I will be getting from providing it for you.  One of our blog partners, Fire Daily describes our excitement perfectly in this posting HERE.  Take a moment to read it, then we’ll get started checking this equipment out.  I need to get more coffee started and then get to work with postings and doing some tweaking here and there.  And Thanks! for vistiing with us.

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