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No Water, But Good Reception

OKLAHOMA CITY FIREFIGHTERS WERE MET WITH a never-ending series of obstacles at a house fire on Saturday night.  It began with the response through a city that had recently been buried under snow and they ended up at a working fire in a neighborhood that had no hydrants.  The nearest water supply was the hydrant at the fire station approx. one mile away.

okla a KOCO


Once tanker relay was being established, the sub-freezing temperature complicated their attack on the well-involved house, including a room which was stocked with several cartons of ammunition for a variety of calibers.  As their water was freezing and the ammo was going off, the roof collapsed.  Oh…and there was a 40-ft. tall tv antenna mast on the roof that came down.

No doubt that was one crew that was looking forward to shift change.

KOCO-TV has the story and a video report HERE.

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