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Some postings on other fire/ems websites that we think you’ll enjoy:

STATter911 covered the story on the cargo jet that crashed just outside of Chicago yesterday afternoon.  He has video and the fireground audio along with the details HERE.  Dave also has a fascinating collection of links to stories from this morning HERE.  Check them both out.

*  Recently we heard some more about Stockton’s shameless scheme to sell advertising space on their firetrucks’ compartment doors (Firegeezer HERE).  Now we have Indianapolis selling rights to decorate their fire hydrants with advertising.  Firefighter Nation has got this story in the forum section HERE.

*  One of the fire blogs that you’ll find in our Blog Roll over on the right sidebar is ChezFireball, a French blog that is published by our colleague Laurence Delorme.  While the site is understandably written in French most of the time, occasionally Laurence will post one in English if it has interest for Americans.  That is the case today with an interesting background interview of an American fire photographer, Steve Smith of Colorado Springs.  Take a minute and check out this nice article HERE.

*  If you haven’t been keeping up with the Happy Medic’s exploits in his foreign-exchange program with Newcastle, England, paramedic Mark Glencourse, then it’s not too late to start with part one HERE  and then part two HERE.

*  And for goodness sake, don’t forget to vote for the Fire/EMS Blog of the Year.  The contest is being hosted by the Fire Critic and you can access the online ballot HERE.  If there are two of your favorites there, don’t be dismayed.  You can vote once every eight hours, so take advantage of it.  The balloting closes on January 12.

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