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Firefighters Caught Getting Lunch !

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, TELEVISION STATION WBZ sent out their crack investigative-reporting team recently to expose the practice of the Boston firefighters taking time to feed themselves every day.

Venting his outrage in a televised report, clueless hack Joe Shortsleeve disclosed:

(The) I-Team saw a ladder truck outside a grocery store (and) our hidden cameras spotted on-duty Boston firefighters leisurely wandering the aisles…

The I-Team discovered this was not an isolated incident. Our cameras found the same truck, Engine 32, shopping at lunchtime at the same grocery store, four different times over the course of a couple of weeks.


WBZ’s stealthy reporters armed with hidden cameras,
catch Boston firefighters  in the act of  buying food to eat.

We wanted to find out if the truck stopped by on the way back from a call. The I-Team obtained call records for Engine 32 on all four days. There were no emergencies anywhere near lunchtime. We even looked at the training schedule, but there was no scheduled training for Engine 32. That means the Boston Fire Department has no record of any official reason that Engine 32 left the station on Main Street in Charlestown.

Shortsleeve then took his concerns to the Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser and to his dismay, the Commish fully backed the firefighters saying, “I think the practice is fine.”  In fact, the only person he could find that would agree with his peculiar view was some wack-o who is described by Shortpants  as a “city watchdog.”  But the best response to his Boston-shattering revelation came from his viewers and readers when they left more than 100 Comments to his posting on the WBZ website story.  Only two people agreed with Shortsight and everybody else gave full support to the notion that firefighters also need to eat in order to stay alive.

One of the comments worth relaying on says,  “As a member of the firehouse in the story I’ve read most of the comments left on this “investigative report” and I have to say rather than demonize Joe Shortsleeve we should be applauding him. With one ridiculously stupid story he did what no other agency in the city has been able to accomplish, he got the residents of Boston to support us again. So thank you Joe and keep up the good work.”

Read the full WBZ “investigative report” and the Comments HERE.

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