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4 Alarms Working in Dallas

A 4-ALARM FIRE IN DALLAS, TEXAS, HAS BURNED DOWN a city-block size shopping arcade that was built in the 1920’s.

dallas c WFAA


The mall’s primary tenants  were four restaurant/bars that were very popular in the Greeville section of Dallas along with several smaller shops and night clubs.  The fire was first reported at 5:45 am Central time while the restaurants were serving breakfast diners.  The fire got into the common attic of the entire mall structure and quickly spread throughout the building.  The subsequent alarms were struck at 5:46, 5:57 and 6:01.

The Dallas Observer is reporting that there are 72 firefighters on the scene with 12 engines, four trucks and four rescue vehicles.  While it is already known that the fire began in Terilli’s Restaurant, it is not yet known what the cause was.

This video report from WFAA-TV has good fire footage:

The fire is knocked down now (9 am Central) but units will be on the scene much longer.

dallas a observer

Dallas Observer

Read the article in the Dallas Observer for more photos and additional information HERE.

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