First Arriving Network
First Arriving Network

Morning Lineup – March 7

Back home at the keyboard today after yesterday’s journey to the EMS Today Expo in Baltimore.  FossilMedic was there for all three days and carried the banner well for us while he was introducing a lot of people to his new progam under development at the university.  He will no doubt be writing more about that in the next couple of months here.

I was pleased to finally get to meet some of the FireEMS Blogs publishers face-to-face.  Some of them I’ve been emailing and phoning for a couple of years, but we never before were in the same place at the same time.  We’re scattered all over the country but with the miracle of modern communications we have been friends for quite a while.

Speaking of the digital miracles, this photo was already posted online before I even got home by Twitter friend Squirrel325:

emstoday aab

left to right:  Bill Schumm – Firegeezer, Mike Ward – FossilMedic,
Rhett Fleitz – Fire Critic,  John Mitchell – Fire Daily.

Rhett and John have recently joined in a venture into PodCasting/NetCasting and they’ve got three episodes “in the can” already as they are fine-tuning their live netcasts that feature a live chat room that shows up on your monitor where you can join in on the discussion.  Past episodes are archived, so you can catch them later if you need to miss the live netcast.  I’ll be posting a complete explanation to this venture in the days ahead, but you can take a peek now and check out some back  podcasts at the website for the Firefighter Netcast HERE.

FossilMedic and I will be posting some more tidbits from the Expo over the next couple of days.  But for now, we need to get the equipment checked out.  I’ll go start some more coffee and see how the Sunday breakfast is coming along.

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