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Mug is Zen

WE HAVE HAD MUG SHOTS OF GEEZERCUPS IN THE hands of firefighters, fire marshals, fire chiefs and even Santa Claus.  It has been spotted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, too.  Now we have another notable joining the coffee pot club, the Zen Master himself:

You know you’re doing something right when you’re in company like this!

zen mug

When you get up and want to spend a zen moment before a hard and long day ,just have a delicious coffee or tea in the Firegeezer mug.

You could also find serenity after your lunch with a mug of coffee, but only in a  Firegeezer mug!  
Drinking your coffee or tea in the firegeezer mug will transform your life and bring you happiness.

If you don’t have your GeezerCup yet….shame on you.  They are modestly priced and shipping is quick.  The artwork on the cup looks like this:


To purchase your Firegeezer coffee cup, and share a moment of serenity, 
just CLICK HERE and follow the directions to order securely with your  credit card via PayPal.
It only takes a minute and you’ll be joining some good company.

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