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Death Count Soars in Calcutta – Arrests Made

A SPECTACULAR DAYTIME FIRE IN CALCUTTA, INDIA, TUESDAY was reported first on STATter911 HERE after the blaze swept through a 6-story commercial / apartment building that led to more than 20 injuries and at least 6 deaths, two from jumpers and four more from burn injuries.

WUSA-TV also ran this raw video showing the fire in progress (thanks to STATter911):

It has been disclosed today that during a search of the 100-yr.-old structure, Calcutta’s oldest tall building, the charred bodies of another 17 people were found at the top of a stairwell where they had apparently become trapped.

calcutta a AFP

“These people must have attempted to escape by trying to climb on the roof of the building, but the door to the terrace was locked and so they were trapped,” West Bengal’s police chief Gopal Krishna Bhattacharya told reporters.  This brings the death toll to 23 and there are still 10 people missing.

The fire is believed to have started in an elevator shaft and spread to the upper floors leading to what is now being called one of the city’s deadliest fires in recent years.

Police have arrested two men who are the building’s custodians and charged them with “not ensuring the safety of the building.”  They are also looking for the two men who jointly own the building and want to question them about not following fire safety regulations.

NDTV has this video report on the growing criminal investigation:


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