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Morning Lineup – May 1

From the “How Times Change” department comes a cute video that Dave Statter just posted on STATter911 this morning.  It’s a home-movie (it’s what they called them back then) taken by an imaginative group of volunteer FF’s in Laurel Springs, New Jersey, in 1959.  It appears that they had a Saturday drill scheduled for a house burning exercise and made a film re-creation of what they do when an alarm comes in, complete with a bay door accident.

A couple of things that I got a kick out of were the front-ramp dispatcher who ensured a safe and orderly response to the “emergency,” and the department’s Radio Car that responded to the call, too.  These days you barely have enough people to get one pumper out when the house siren blows, so there’s no need for the ramp dispatcher anymore.  But why don’t we have the Radio Car these days?  Those loud-speakers could sure come in handy on the fireground and perhaps an electric sign could be added to the roof that lights up the radio channel number that’s being used at the incident.  That way, all those people who are standing across the yard watching the house burn down would know what frequency to set their pocket scanners on.

radio car a

Seriously though, I think the Radio Car would be a great project for somebody who wants to sign up with SPAAMFAA and start going to the antique firetruck parades.  There are people who just don’t have the scratch to purchase and restore a pumper, but for them this would be an ideal project.  Just find yourself a 1955 Chevrolet panel delivery truck, paint it and add the speakers….voila! …. you’re in the club.  And probably the only Radio Car in the parade.  Everybody will want to take your picture.  Just a thought.  View STATter911’s vintage video HERE and then think about it.

While we’re on the subject of videos this morning, I just read (HERE) that the quirky tv series Trauma has been decisively canceled.  It began its run last September with an opening episode that was so preposterous that they drove away a lot of potential regular viewers.  While they did start to get the plot lines a bit more believable, the ratings never picked up and the series was dropped after just a few weeks.  After that, there was apparently an unusually strong viewer feedback asking for the series to be reinstated.  So, since the network still had some completed episodes that hadn’t been shown yet, they put it back on the schedule.

After a couple of weeks it started to look a little promising, so they ordered an additional four episodes to be made.  This past Monday they ran the final episode that they made and the ratings were still very weak, so they have put the show to rest for good.

We’d better get to work before we get cancelled though, so let’s get this equipment checked out.  I’ll go get the coffee started and then go over the Radio Car’s checksheet.  See you back in the day room in a little while.

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