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It’s Not a Horse Ambulance ….

……IT’S AN AMBULANCE HORSE.  The West Midlands Ambulance Service in Staffordshire, England, have recruited an Irish sports horse, “Chase,” to help get paramedics to locations where an ambulance can’t reach.  The 7-yr.-0ld will respond to emergency calls at Cannock Chase Country Park, which covers 3,000 acres.

StaffsLive reports:

His owner Mark Bennett, 30, a trauma instructor with West Midlands Fire Service, has kitted Chase out to carry a responder bag, oxygen, a mask, a defibrillator, bandages, splints and blankets to help with emergencies.

“I have already put my first aid skills to the test in Cannock Chase on a motorbike,” he said.  “Being able to respond on horseback means I can quickly access patients in difficult, hard to reach locations, even before an ambulance arrives.”

horse a staffslive

StaffsLive photo

Bennett, the equine “ambulance driver”, and  Chase are teaming up to cover the large park because they can cross rough country much faster than traditional emergency vehicles.  He tells the Daily Express “It might sound crazy but this horse could really save lives. People get into all sorts of trouble in the park.  Mountain bikers, runners and walkers can all get injured and it’s not always easy for ambulances to get to them quickly.

“The horse is great at navigating the terrain and can get to any area within quarter of an hour.  Everything that we might need to keep someone alive is on that horse.”

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