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Truck Fire Ties Up Indy Traffic Thursday

A TRACTOR-TRAILER HAULING 1,800 CASES OF BEER wrecked and burned Thursday morning on I-70 in Indianapolis, Indiana.


The truck was traveling westbound around 2 am and entering a construction zone that has temporary lane shifts erected.  The driver admitted that he mis-judged the lane changes and he struck one of the jersey walls, ripping open a full saddle tank of fuel and starting a fire.  The truck began burning immediately while he was still moving and he had to bring it to a stop and bail out, jumping through the flames into the center lane that was fortunately vacant as auto traffic backed off from the blazing truck.

Wayne Township firefighters responded along with a haz-mat team and extinguished the fire, but the entire rig was ablaze when they arrived and all was lost.  The westbound lanes of the freeway remained closed this morning while the beer was transferred to another truck and the burned out hulk was righted and towed away.

WTHR-TV Ch. 13 has this video report from the scene:


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