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A New Extinguishing Tool

INGENUITY BREEDS INVENTIVENESS AND A young man in Newport News, Virginia who is not even a firefighter, rapidly developed a successful fire extinguisher.   Adrian Kotschevar was taking a break from his job as a cook in a crabhouse restaurant and sitting on the dock at 3:30 pm Thursday, when he heard a loud “boom.”  Looking in the direction of the sound, he saw a boat on fire about 500 ft. offshore.

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Immediately he had an idea.  Kotschevar told NewsChannel 3 that he kicked off his flip-flops, took off his shirt and jumped on his jet ski.  “Runnin’ down to the pier I was thinking ‘I can put it out,’ The only thing I could figure was take it and swamp it. So I was just kept heading back out and heading back out. The faster I got, the more water just hit it. I ended up putting it out by the time the fire department got there.”

He explains how he did it in this video interview for WTKR-TV:

Two men on board the 22-ft. cruiser suffered burns with one of them requiring transport.  They jumped into the water immediately and were pulled out by another boat that came to their aid.  The Newport News boat that responded  mopped up the largely-extinguished fire and towed it back to shore.

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