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A Battalion Chief’s Nightmare

THERE IS AT LEAST ONE BATT. CHIEF IN THE FDNY who will be glad to see the last of EMS Lieutenant Michael Palleschi when the separation papers are completed.  Palleschi, 36, is one of those self-appointed jokesters who stepped out of bounds recently on an ambulance call and dropped his job responsibility down the priority list.  Palleschi was on an ambulance call for a woman who was complaining of a “swollen vagina” and he found that to be hilarious.  So funny, in fact, that he used his camera to take a pic of the computer screen showing the complaint and uploaded it to his Facebook page.

Michael Palleschi

Not only did it show her complaint, but it also visibly displayed the patient’s name and address, which is a serious violation of federal laws relating to patient confidentiality.  The FDNY failed to see the humor and began separation procedures on the station clown.  During the process he was delegated to another station in Brooklyn on restricted duty where he kept up his fun-loving lifestyle.  The New York Post reports:

Even as his job hung in the balance, the pudgy prankster got into hot water again — this time for an alleged joke on a teenager in the EMS Explorer program at the Brooklyn EMS station in Canarsie, where Palleschi had been exiled on modified duty, sources said.

An anonymous tipster told the FDNY that, two weeks ago, Palleschi wrote a stickup note demanding cash, then folded it up and passed it to the young Explorer, claiming it was a coffee and bagel order that he should get filled at the nearby Dunkin’ Donuts.

According to sources, Palleschi admitted he added a line about a stickup to a coffee order compiled at the station but said he ripped that part off before the Explorer ever left the building to hand it to a Dunkin’ Donuts clerk.

The head of Palleschi’s union local isn’t trying real hard to defend him either.  Read the full story HERE.

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