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First Arriving Network

Talk About a Delayed Response!

THESE FOLKS ARE STILL WAITING for the first-due units to arrive on the scene in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates:

The fire began Tuesday afternoon in this apartment building and burned through the night, destroying all of the 76 apartments.

Emirates Business 24-7 is reporting:

Preliminary reports say there are no casualties, although six people have been confirmed as injured.  The fire, which broke out late yesterday afternoon, raged through the night. A pillar of the tower reportedly exploded and the blaze was fed by wooden cupboards* and strong winds. The civil defence team used cranes to rescue a young Indian woman who was waving from the 13th floor. A helicopter was also used to airlift six of the affected victims, with one woman still in a serious condition in Kuwait hospital.

The 14-story building is more than 20 years old and every floor above the mezzanine level was gutted.  So far, the cause of the fire is unknown, other than it began on the first level of the apartments section of the building.

* Just say “No” to wooden cupboards.

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