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Corvette Engine Build Experience

Sign of a recovering economy?

From Automotive News:

GM is offering buyers of the 2011 Corvette ZR1 and Z06 models the chance to build the engine for their cars. A Corvette buyer is welcome to GM’s Performance Build Center in Wixom, Mich., where engines for the ZR1 and the Z06 are built by hand.

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Corvette Engine Build Experience (PBC $5,800 plus travel to Detroit)

The buyer is assigned a personal concierge who schedules the engine build and coordinates logistics of the trip. Once at Wixom, the buyer gets to personally assemble the engine — “under the supervision of and support from skilled technicians,” GM clarifies, noting that hand assembly procedures in place at the Performance Build Center make this possible. A personalized engine nameplate is created that gets added to the car.

But wait, there is more!

National Corvette Museum Delivery (R8C $490 plus travel to Nashville)

From the National Corvette Museum website:

The customer arrives at the NCM and is welcomed with signs commemorating the event. They are taken to the Corvette Assembly Plant for their own NCM Delivery Team guided VIP tour (when available).

A personal, special VIP guided tour of the NCM is conducted where they will see their Corvette on display. The event is available on a live webcast.

Next, a member of the NCM Delivery Team provides a quality orientation followed by a thorough delivery presentation of their new vehicle. A unique gold decal is placed on the inside of the drivers door jamb to signify the importance of this memorable occasion.

Corvette Buyers Tour ($400 plus travel to Kentucky)

Also from our friends at the National Corvette Museum:

We are excited to be able to offer the Corvette Buyer’s Plant Tour in conjunction with the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant! This program is offered to provide new Corvette buyer’s with a tour of the Assembly Plant. See and experience the assembly of America ’s Sports Car with your very own personal tour guide.

You and 1 guest can enjoy a private tour of the Plant to see many areas not included on the general Plant tour. Your tour guide will provide information at the paint areas, body start area, installation of seats, doors, trunk, steering wheel, airbags, engine, etc. in addition to the general tour stops such as the marriage point, first start, end of line, and dyno and water testing.

We make every effort to schedule your tour on the day that your car is being built. However, we cannot guarantee that you will see your car at any point in the production process due to unforeseen events that may increase or decrease production time and scheduling.

Corvette Photo Album ($500)

Don’t worry, even if you did NOT see YOUR Corvette assembled on the Buyers Tour, you can get the construction memorialized in a twenty page photo album.

Those enthusiasts at the National Corvette Museum think of everything!

Each leather bound album is created with the highest quality photo paper preserved in a padded leather album with high quality stitching detail and includes:

* 20 plus pages of text and photos devoted to capture your Corvette’s build process
* Letter of authenticity
* Letter from the GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant Manager and the National Corvette Museum’s Executive Director
* Back page autograph area for memorable moments/events.

After paying $85,200 for a Corvette Z06 3LZ I can add $7190 to enhance my purchasing experience.

Still cheaper than the $13,500 it cost to add racing stripes, subwoofer and alloy wheels on a $165,000 Ford GT in 2006.

2010 Chevrolet Corvette 2-door Coupe Z06 w/2LZ

Not that I can afford either “mid life crisis” toy.

Years ago I went to the National Corvette Museum and took the public tour of the Bowling Green factory.

For a gearhead it was a great day. The folks at both the museum and the factory were great.

Doubt that I would spend the $5800 to “build” my own engine, but I can see the appeal to true believers.

Mike “FossilMedic” Ward

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