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World’s Largest Treehouse

That’s probably a safe claim to make.  It’s hard to imagine more than one treehouse that is 97 feet high.  The labors of Horace Burgess were spent over 14 years using nothing but scrap lumber and stray pieces found laying around. 

 He did buy the nails, though….over a quarter-million of them, and he now has a 10-story structure anchored around a still-living white oak tree that is approx. 80 ft. high and has a 12-ft. diameter trunk.  There are six other smaller oaks that act as natural pillars  and support the sprawling 10,000 sq. ft. building.  Burgess figures that he has spent about $12,000 total on  it.

If you want to take a trip to see this oddity for yourself, here are the directions:

It is located the end of Beehive Lane in Crossville, TN.

Take exit 320 off of I-40. Turn north onto TN-298, and then take the first right onto Cook Rd. Make a left onto Beehive Lane and then continue 0.2 miles to the treehouse.

Lat: 35.98540743554687 N – – – –  Long: 84.99386608600616 W

Admission is free and it is open every day until dark.

Don’t be shy about going up to see it.  Mr. Burgess gets 400 to 600 visitors every week.  To see some more photos of this remarkable structure, go HERE and HERE.


This home video has good views of the interior:


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