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Moose Update


IN KONGSVINGER, NORWAY LAST TUESDAY, A MOOSE CALF suddenly came crashing through the window of a florist shop, sending staff and shoppers running.  The beast then wandered next door to a bakery leaving a trail of minor destruction behind before it visited a small grocery.

It soon became bored and dashed back out to the street where it took off for parts unknown.  The CCTV cameras in the shopping plaza caught part of the unscheduled visit:


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IN MAINE, 27-YR.-OLD CHRISTOPHER MILLER of New Brunswick, Canada, died on July 10 after the car he was riding in struck a moose on the Maine Turnpike in York.  According to Maine State Police, Miller died after the vehicle hit a moose standing in the Turnpike’s southbound lane. Police say the car rolled over several times before landing against a tree.

The driver of the vehicle, Andrew McDonald, 28, suffered severe head injuries and was taken to Maine Medical Center.  Another passenger in the back seat suffered only cuts and bruises.  The three people were traveling from New Brunswick to Massachusetts to attend a concert.

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THE CANADIAN PRESS IS REPORTING THAT A 66-yr.-old man is dead after the car he was driving collided with a moose near Welsford, New Brunswick, on Sunday night.  Two passengers, one with serious injuries, were taken to hospital for treatment.

Police say all were wearing seatbelts and alcohol is not believed to be a factor.  The road was wet at the time of the collision.

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A 500-POUND MOOSE WANDERED into the heart of Greenfield, Massachusetts, Friday and decided to camp out in the center grass plot of a traffic circle.  Considering that traffic in Massachusetts is already bad enough without the young bull charging cars in the  roundabout, animal wardens tranquilized the beast and hauled him back to his patch.

WWLP-TV Ch. 22 got the video:

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 WCSH-TV Ch. 6 Portland, Maine, reported last week (here) that the Maine State Police are warning drivers to use caution in Kennebunk after two moose were spotted near I-95 in Kennebunk. 

They initially responded at 7 am Tuesday, then shot and killed one of the moose.  The other ran off.  If the moose returns, the plan is to shoot that one, too.

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THE TOWN OF VAIL, COLORADO, has been reporting moose sightings recently as at least one pair of cow and calf have decided to camp in the area while the calf grows to maturity.  Residents have been concerned because of the erratic behavior of the cow, most likely due to her protective instinct when she feels her calf is threatened. 
Officials are telling people to keep their distance from the wild beasts and the town’s thoroughly-yuppified police sergeant tells them,  “Our goal is to have a peaceful interface, where people can appreciate the presence of moose, but keep their distance.”
A moose cow and her calf feed in a watering hole in the backyard of a house next to the Gore Creek Wednesday in Vail Village.
Several onlookers reported seeing the cow charge around the area, possibly to protect her young.
(Vail Daily / Taylor photo)
The complete set of instructions and the story can be found in the Vail Daily HERE.
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From Grand Junction, Colorado, The Daily Sentinel is reporting:
One of Colorado’s most-charismatic animals will have its day July 31 when the Colorado Division of Wildlife and the U.S. Forest Service celebrate Grand Mesa Moose Day.
Activities will include moose viewing information, presentations about moose biology and moose history, presentations on how biologists transplant and track moose, and a puppet show.
Family and kid-friendly events and giveaways are planned throughout the day. All activities are free.
Events will be from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the U.S. Forest Service Visitor Center atop Grand Mesa on Colorado Highway 65.
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