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Drive-Thru Burgers Overdone

The Columbian

AN ELDERLY WOMAN WAS WAITING IN A VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON, McDonald’s restaurant drive-thru lane Wednesday at 11 am when her car started burning.  At first the 80-yr.-old woman was unaware that her car was on fire, but a man in a pickup right behind her saw what was happening and jumped out of his truck to go to her aid. 


The Columbian reports:

Neil Oldaker was in the McDonald’s restaurant drive-through when he saw flames under the white sedan in front of his truck.  The flames were quickly moving up the sides of the car. But the driver, waiting to get her food at the window, didn’t seem to notice. So Oldaker swung into action.

“I knocked on the window to get her attention. I yelled, ‘The car’s on fire!’ But she seemed confused,” he said.

So Oldaker dragged the 80-year-old woman from the car just as flames spread to the McDonald’s restaurant, ripping through the kitchen and gutting the building’s interior.

KGW-TV filed this video report from the scene:

The first engine arrived on the scene in six minutes and found the kitchen area well involved.  The fire got up into the hidden space between the ceiling and the roof, and caused a total destruction of the restaurant.  By 4:30 pm there was a demolition crew on the scene taking the rest of the building down.


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  • mr618

    I suspect the folks at Mickey D's aren't lovin' this.

    On the other hand, did anyone check to see if the woman had any connections to Burger King?

    At least it wasn't a dollar store. Or does the dollar menu give it a nexus to those fires?

  • firegeezer

    Many moons ago, I had a night fire at a McD's that was a total burnout.  It was
    18 months before they reopened.  Add a year and a half of lost sales to that $1
    million on this one and you're talking real money.


  • DaGonz

    That is why I call these fast food buildings “disposable”… lightweight construction , with all of the HVAC and kitchen ductwork mounted on and through the roof…

    PS: They will rebuild and put in a sprinkler system… for the lawn…