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Dollar Store Update


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A FAMILY DOLLAR STORE IN EAST POINT, GEORGIA, burned down Wednesday morning.  Police say it was an arson and the surveillance tapes show two men breaking out the front glass and lighting, then throwing “multiple” Molotov cocktails into the store.


Despite the intensity of the fire, the firefighters were able to contain the fire to the Family Dollar store and prevent it from spreading to an adjoining super market.  The other stores in the shopping center received some smoke and water damages.

Atlanta Journal Constitution

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A DOLLAR GENERAL STORE IN MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, was severely damaged by a fire in the early morning hours of August 30.  Police say that the fire was intentionally set by burglars who were attempting to hide their crime.  The PD is not saying why they have determined that. 

The fire was discovered in a storage area in the rear of the store and it was burned out.  The fire had extended into the front of the store, but did not destroy the entire shop.  The fire was knocked down by the 45 firefighters in about an hour and a half.

WREG-TV has this video report on the fire:


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THE DOLLAR TREE STORE IN WATCHUNG, NEW JERSEY,  was slapped with a $56,000 fine by OSHA for violations of fire and workplace safety regulations.  The OSHA inspectors began investigating the store in July and were cited for failing to properly stack, block, interlock or limit the height of stored materials.  They were also cited for two serious violations with a penalty of $6,000 for failing to cover exposed electrical outlets, and failing to keep storage areas free of tripping and fire hazards. OSHA issues a serious citation when there is substantial probability that death or serious physical harm could result and the employer knew, or should have known, of the hazard.

The Central Jersey Courier News has the full story and details HERE.

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A MAN WITH A HISTORY OF DRIVING PROBLEMS drove his car through the front windows of a Family Dollar store in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Thursday morning.  Police say that Brian Ross, 28, was high after “huffing” from an aerosol can of computer keyboard cleaner when he crashed into the store at 7:30 am.

Drive-through shopper Brian Ross

In an interview with a WTAE-TV reporter, Ross explained what happened:

“I was looking down. I looked down for a minute. I thought my car was stopped, and I looked up, and the next thing I know, I ran into the building,” he said.

“Once I realized I wrecked, I got out and gave the owner of the store my car keys, because he didn’t want me leaving or going nowhere,” Ross said. “But then, when I seen the cops, I realized I didn’t have a driver’s license so I freaked out and I ran.”

The police also “seen” Ross running and chased him down.  They found the can in the back of his car and charged him with driving under a suspended license, leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence.  WTAE-TV filed this video report:


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