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Bus Crash Kills 4

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A DOUBLE-DECKER BUS CRASHED INTO A RAILROAD BRIDGE early Saturday morning at 2:30 am.  The bus was too high for the girders on the bridge and the top half was ripped back to the mid-point of the bus.  The impact threw the bus into the abutment and it rolled over onto its side.  The four people who were killed were all sitting in the forward seats on the right side of the upper deck.  A total of 26 passengers plus the driver were on the bus.


The bus is operated by Megabus, a budget prices express bus service.  This run began in Philadelphia at 10 pm Friday night and had scheduled stops in Syracuse, then Buffalo before arriving at Toronto, it’s destination.  The vice president of Coach USA, operators of Megabus, said that the bus was off-route, but he doesn’t know why it was.  The driver survived the crash, but is in the hospital.

Syracuse Post-Standard

Darryl Geddes, spokesman for Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse, NY, said his staff went into “disaster mode” to treat some 15 passengers at the hospital beginning at around 2:45 am.  He said two passengers remain in the hospital. One is in critical condition, the other is in serious condition. Mr. Geddes did not know the nationalities of the injured.

The Toronto Globe & Mail has the details HERE.
The Syracuse Post-Standard has more HERE and HERE.

WSYR-TV Ch. 9 Syracuse provided this raw video from the crash site.  Note the cribbing and stabilization set up by the FD:

Syracuse Post-Standard

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