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FF Dies in Car Crash in Front of His Home

AN INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, FIREFIGHTER WAS KILLED as he was pulling into the driveway of his house after getting off work Thursday morning.  Duane Clark, 35, had just gotten off his shift at IFD Ladder 6 and was stopped in the roadway in front of his house, waiting for traffic to clear so that he could make a left turn into his driveway, and another vehicle rear-ended him.  The impact knocked his car into the oncoming lane where a full-sized pickup towing a construction trailer hit Clark’s car, killing him instantly.

Clark’s car lies in the ditch alongside the truck that he collided
with.  The van that caused the wreck is behind the camera position.
(Indianapolis Star photo)

The accident took place in Brownsburg, just west of the city limits.  The Indianapolis Star continues:

As Brownsburg firefighters arrived at the crash scene, they found firefighter’s gear among the wreckage and assumed a colleague was involved. Brownsburg firefighters provided an honor guard to stay with the body at the hospital.

The driver of the van that struck Clark’s car was unhurt as were the four members of a landscaping crew in the pickup truck.

Duane Clark

Clark and his wife would have celebrated their 6-year anniversary today (Saturday).  Along with his wife, he leaves the couple’s 3½ yr.-old twins.  They were inside the house and heard the crash out front.  He was on the IFD for over 10 years.

WRTV Ch. 6 filed this good video report from the scene:

Fox59News has the story and additional video HERE.

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