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EMS Expo tidbits: “Had the cruise control set at 105 mph – saw nothing for four hours”

Best quote from my 30 hour experience at the EMS Expo earlier this week.

Source was Doctor Bryan Bledsoe, describing a speaking engagement experience. No, he was not in the Middle East, this was a United States gig.

He was driving a Honda Fit (!!)
Forgot to ask if he had Mugen upgrades or his gas mileage. Fits get 33 highway/27 city.

EMS now a physician ABET subspecialty

The National Association of EMS Physicians happily announced success in getting EMS added as the sixth subspecialty available to American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) diplomates along with Medical Toxicology, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Sports Medicine, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, and Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

September 28 press release HERE. First exam anticipated for 2013.

This was the second attempt in 20 years by NAEMSP to achieve subspecialty status.

Since the first effort, NAEMSP established Prehospital Emergency Care in 1997 as the peer-reviewed professional journal for EMS. It has grown in “power” as a primary source document for professional information.

A subset of NAEMSP members established the U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS Medical Directors Consortium in 1998.

Fondly known as the “Eagles,” their annual EMS State of the Science spring conference has changed how ems trade magazines and EMS conferences are conducted.   link HERE.

Why should ems providers care about ABEM subspecialty status?

Physician professional development and academic promotion is built upon recognized professional subspecialties. With EMS as an ABET subspecialty, academic internships and fellowships carry more value and an EMS oriented medical student can plan a professional development path that can lead to academic promotion to Associate Professor or Professor.

Academic emergency medicine needs this element to build and maintain a robust group of physician educators and researchers that can grow evidence-based medicine that will allow the EMS Scope of Practice to walk it’s promising talk.

Wednesday night EMS meet-up was great

Apparently, Justin Schorr IS becoming the 21st century John Gage.

Justin interviewed the fire/ems bloggers who were at the rooftop party in Dallas, showing a smooth and unflappable interview style.

Even after John Mitchell, Kelly Grayson and I went fanboi on him at the start of our group interview.

Go to Chronicles of EMS website to see our childish performance HERE. Check out the other videos and the rest of the site. This is the home of EMS 2.0.

Bonus result of the interview was getting Motorcop as a Twitter follower after I mentioned his audio crossover episode with Justin. HERE

FossilMedic overwhelmed at MEET THE BLOGGER booth Thursday afternoon

from an email typed out between the waves of visitors:

47 minutes – no fans, one attendee who never heard of Firegeezer and Kelly “Ambulance Driver” Grayson stopped by …

But I have given out dozens of EMS Monopoly game flyers, turfed one JEMS subscription problem and talked to a military member about GWU.

Not bringing the Fire Gnome was a huge mistake.

Mike “FossilMedic” Ward

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