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Morning Lineup – October 20

New tech gadgets are coming out faster than I can keep up with them.  I’m starting to get confused by it all.  (Ok, I know…I’ve been confused for a very long time, you say.)  I’m losing track because the geek designers insist on calling the next great advance by a name that is very close to yesterday’s now-obsolete great advance.  First it was laptop, notebook, netbook, and tablets.  Still not quite sure what the differences are.

Now we’re being enticed to invest in iPads, iPods, iPhones, smartphones and apps.  I have already forgotten what the blazes an iPod is.  Do you listen to it, or look at it?  This week all the buzz coming out of the techy publications is about the disappointing sales results for the iPad.  But looking at the prices of them, I’m not surprised, even  though I don’t know for sure what they are or what they’re supposed to do.

At first glance, the iPad looks like the portable-computer-of-the-future.  It displays a nice, crisp image on it’s not-very-large screen.  And it has controls that allow some computer functions.  But since it uses a flash drive instead of a normal hard drive, then I am guessing that its function as a computer is limited.  But the thing costs more than a laptopnotebooknetbook that can do computing.  So why would anybody buy one?

Or maybe it is just a huge, portable telephone.  All the cellphone stores are getting stocks of them, so I suspect that these things are somehow connected to the wireless telephone networks.  But $600 for a cellphone that won’t fit in your pocket?  I just don’t understand.  If any of you have bought an iPad, would you please tell me what the advantage of having one is?  Inquiring minds want to know.

I think we’d better get this equipment checked out now.  Things like the iHose, iDefibrillators and iDidn’t do it.  I’m going to get the coffee started.  See you back in the day room.

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  • B.Morgan

    With each new electronic item comes the potential to make more money. If the adds are done right people will be convinced they need it for any number of minor un-realistic reasons.

    In the last 5 years I have had two cell phones. I would still have the orginal but it got smashed in a car accident I was in. My seat belts and airbag saved me, but not the phone. My college age daughter is on cell phone #8 in the same period. We got her the first but the others are on her dime. Two were drowned, one lost and the rest I’m not sure about. I suspect style and function has something to do with it. In that age group electronic communcations is everthing.
    Even used to dump a longtern boy/girlfriend.

    I’m now looking at a iphone. My friend/ fellow trainer Matt has one. He is about as old and conservative as I, driving a 1989 BMW sedan that looks its age and is on deaths door. He loves the iphone. I can write it off as a work expense and it has all sorts of applications I can actualy use like mapping, a GPS and e-mail. But will it survive swimming in the Rio Grande river, numerous drops, bangs and bumps and being run over by a F-350 truck and tons of desert dust my Tundra did with out complaint? And is it worth getting the note from the office about the critical need of some obscure policy memo that needs to be read and e-signed.

    Better follow Fire Geezers example and brew up a pot of joe to think this over.

  • Maltroger

    I just picked up an ipad a few weeks ago, the 16g wifi/3g version. This is my first go around with an apple product. I have been a DOS/windows user since this all began. I can say that apple has made a great product. It is very easy to use and navigate. What I like the most is the bootup time or lack of I might say. Push the ON button and your up and running. The battery seems to last forever or at least longer than any laptop/netbook I’ve owned. I read just this morning that a company is working on a patient care report app that should be out in Jan. 2011. It will be interesting to see what and how this device will be used in the Fire/EMS field.