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Grass Fire Runs Over Firetruck

OUT IN THE MIDWESTERN PRAIRIES, they get Grass fires with a capital G.  Part of every firefighter’s well-rounded education should include some time spent in Kansas or Oklahoma during brush season.  And that time of year just about always brings the loss of at least one brush truck that gets trapped or run over by a fire.

Such was the case Wednesday afternoon in Stafford County, Kansas, when fire companies from four counties worked together for over five hours fighting a grass fire that was whipped along with 30-mph-winds. consuming 700 acres of grass and corn stubble.

Pratt Tribune

The fire started shortly before 2:30 pm when the exhaust from an ATV being used to check soil samples in a corn stubble field caught the corn stubble on fire.  The Pratt Tribune REPORTS:

The Stafford County firefighters were in a “mini brush truck” fighting the fire when smoke suffocated the carburetor. The truck was next to burning corn stalks. The fire overtook the truck and destroyed it, said Stafford County Emergency Services employee Nick Lauffer.

St. John News photo

The firefighters quickly abandoned the truck and since they were in a burned out area they escaped to safety and were not injured.

The fire was finally extinguished with no other damage than to the grassland and corn fields.  No building, farm equipment or livestock were harmed.  This was one of a half-dozen fires in the area Wednesday.  KSN-TV Ch. 3 Wichita has a good video report HERE.

The Pratt Tribune has the STORY.
The St. John News has an interesting 11-image PHOTO GALLERY.

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