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Firetruck Driver Convicted for Causing Fatal Cattle Stampede

REGULAR READERS MAY RECALL our Morning Lineup posting back in March (HERE) about a firefighter in Somerset, England, who was responding to an emergency when he got stuck in a dairy herd on the roadway in the previous August.  The FF stopped his truck and turned off the lights and siren in order to allow the farmer driving the herd to keep the cows in order and progress by.  Instead, the beasts stalled and kept the roadway blocked.  So the driver turned the lights and siren back on in an attempt to get them moving, which they did.  Unfortunately, they moved the wrong way, panicking and trampling the 75-yr.-old farmer, causing fatal injuries.

The engine driver, Julian Lawford, 49, was arrested and charged with manslaughter by gross negligence.  We noted at the time the curious behavior of the prosecution who waited six months before filing the charges, and then being apparently selective about what information was released.

Julian Lawford

Mr. Lawford appeared in court Monday and, after agreeing to a plea bargain, pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of causing a death by careless driving.  The reduced charge will allow him to avoid jail when he is sentenced on December 20.

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