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FDNY down to 166 calls waiting Tuesday morning from height of 1300 during blizzard



Jonathan Lemire, writing for Tuesday’s NY DAILY NEWS, filed this report:

The backlog of emergency calls to the FDNY – which hit a staggering 1,300 at the height of the Christmas blizzard – dropped to under 200 Tuesday morning, officials said.

Only 166 calls were still outstanding as of 10 a.m., three of which were considered life-threatening, according to FDNY sources.

The potentially dangerous delays were created by the massive blizzard, which made scores of roads impassable and even buried some ambulances in massive snowdrifts.

Marino for New York Daily News

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CBS New York covered the delays in this article:
NYC Faced With Tough Questions About Blizzard Response (HERE)

including this example:

A dramatic example of the chaos was what happened to a Queens’ woman suffering an asthmatic attack. Engine 289 got to her house and spent 10 hours with her waiting for an EMS ambulance to show up. They kept running out of oxygen, eventually using up 26 bottles. The woman was finally taken to Elmhurst Hospital when the 46 Battalion Chief arrived.

Earlier in the evening Later Engine 289 was first due on the first alarm 41-72 Judge Street.
Fire went to a 5th alarm with partial collapse in a six story H-shaped apartment building.
. Battalion 46 was second arriving chief. (HERE)

Gothamist provided additional details

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1PolicePlaza tweeted:

FDNY EMS has a aprox 5 hoour delay to Emergencies. FDNY personal are advised not to do CPR more then 20 min due to high vol of jobs.
9:27 AM Dec 27th via txt

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They interviewed a veteran medic:

Multiple ambulances are stuck all over the city, and response times to high priority jobs are nonexistent. The roads here in Brooklyn have not been cleared, there are abandoned vehicles all over the place, and EMS has come to a standstill, unknown how fire suppression and NYPD are faring.

The city should have preemptively declared an emergency, made sure that nonessential vehicles stayed off the road, and sanitation should have coordinated better to have main roads and roads leading to hospitals cleared.

The city is in a chaotic state, and someone should demand to see how many people had passed away during this time period.

FDNY, EMS Response Compromised During Blizzard

Mike “FossilMedic” Ward

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