First Arriving Network
First Arriving Network

Morning Lineup – December 31

Long Beach, California, Police Mounted Unit.

I’ve got some good news for you folks that have cable or satellite tv.  Tomorrow’s Tournament of Roses Parade will be carried once again on the Home & Garden TV network (HGTV).  I have mentioned this the last two years and checked their website yesterday to verify their coverage.  You see, unlike the broadcast networks (ABC and NBC this year) the HGTV does not run any commercials and they emphasize the fact that they show you the entire parade.  As their website states:

HGTV celebrates the New Year with the only live, uninterrupted, high-definition telecast of the 122nd Tournament of Roses Parade.  It’s America’s premier New Year’s Day celebration and only HGTV viewers will see every float, equestrian unit and marching band, brought to you by knowledgeable, insightful, and expert hosts.  Plus, HGTV’s exclusive from the parade street interviews of float riders, band members and celebrities continues as they begin their unique parade journey.  HGTV is the best seat in the house for Rose Parade 2011.

You know without me telling you what an ordeal it is trying to watch the parade on the broadcast stations.  They spend most of their time with the camera trained on the dither-heads doing the talking instead of the parade, and take a 5-minute commercial break depriving you of even more missed floats.  I doubt if you see so much as half the floats and even fewer of the marching units.  As Daffy Duck would say, Thath dethpicable!  And this year NBC isn’t even showing the whole parade.

In the past years that I’ve watched, the HGTV shows every single unit in the parade and it’s just like you are sitting in the bleachers watching it go by.  No commercial breaks.  No endless promoting of upcoming shows later in the week.  Just parade.

Note:  While the parade is broadcast live beginning at 11 am Eastern, it looks like the satellite beaming the HGTV to the western states will be showing the tape-delay coverage beginning at 11 am Pacific.  Check your listings to make sure, though.

Ok…This is the last equipment check for the year 2010, so let’s get it taken care of and get the next batch of check sheets ready for tomorrow’s crew.  I’m going to get some more coffee going.  See you back in the day room.  Be sure that you scroll down and check out that old ambulance for sale.

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