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9/11 Tribute Float at Rose Bowl parade

Captain Schmoe, Report on Conditions, alerts us to the first of many 10th year tributes, reflections, or events commemorating our loss.

Rose Parade Rememberance

Happy New Year everybody. It’s 0800 local and I am getting ready to watch the 2011 Tournament of Roses parade. Kind of sissy I know, but I like to get up early on New Years day and watch it. This year, there is a unique float in the parade, one that I felt worth posting about.

This is the artists conception of a float honoring the fallen in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The effort was spearheaded by Jerry Thomsen, a Los Angeles County firefighter who responded to the WTC disaster in New York.

Go to Captain Schmoe’s website, Report on Conditions, to see a picture of the float from today’s parade (HERE)

2011 Rose Parade Tribute Float website (HERE)

Mike “FossilMedic” Ward

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  • Rtdff

    Jerry Thomsen was my Engineer and friend in the LACoFD. It was last June that I got wind of his efforts to build this magnificent float. He and his wife were the “tip of the sword”, and organized a strong committee to help with their dream. I am truly honored to call him a good friend, and proud of his accomplishment. I was also sitting within twenty feet of the float as it passed by. Got Jerrry’s attention and offered a huge “Thumbs Up. Congratulations to all participants and their success.

    Retired LACoFD
    Chris Rowe