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New York City’s EMS Chief Demoted

Blizzard Response Fallout Begins in NYC

THE CHIEF OF EMS SERVICES in New York City was demoted last night (Wednesday) following the department’s unsatisfactory performance during the snowstorm last week.  John Peruggia, who headed the EMS division of the FDNY for six years, is being replaced by the assistant chief of EMS, Abdo Nahmdd who has been on the department for 25 years.  Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano made the announcement last night. 

John Peruggia

The New York Times reports:

The announcement that the chief, John Peruggia, was being demoted made him the first person to be reassigned in the wake of criticism over the way the city’s E.M.S. and sanitation workers performed during the blizzard. Several neighborhoods were left buried in snow for days after a tepid emergency response, and the city’s 911 dispatchers were forced to struggle with tens of thousands of calls from snowbound residents. As of Wednesday, ambulance delays related to the snow were seen as possible factors in at least three deaths.

Chief Peruggia, who served as the head of E.M.S. Command for six years, was succeeded by Abdo Nahmod, a 25-year veteran of the department who most recently was a deputy assistant chief overseeing emergency medical dispatch, Fire Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano said in a statement released Wednesday evening. Mr. Cassano said Mr. Peruggia would be moved to a role “to be determined” within the Fire Department.

Peruggia’s demotion came swiftly in part because of an investigation by the city’s Conflict of Interest Board looking into his accepting a trip with a vendor who sells the city  its defibrillators and oximeters.

Chief Abdo Nahmod

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  • Ralph

    Hmmmm…Blame him for the storm resonse and demote him for “that” because it was hot and in the news. While in reality, he was being investigated for kickbacks? Strange…..

  • Guest

    This actually irritates me quite a bit. I spent more then 12 hours stuck in the snow in my ambulance during this storm and let me tell you EMS’s response was by no means lacking during this storm. EMS’s response was hampered because main arteries like Linden blvd, Utica Ave, and Kings Hwy weren’t plowed because sanitation union leaders organized a slow down on the cleanup as a protest to budget cuts to the sanitation departments budget. I’m not saying Peruggia is a saint but this is certainly not why he should be sacked.

    Unfortunately, city leadership is too afraid of the sanitation union to make any retaliation so EMS pays the price.

  • Dalmatian90

    If there is fallout from a blizzard, does this mean it’s a nuclear winter?