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More Missing Ambulance Funds

More Than a Million Dollars Pocketed

ON FRIDAY MORNING AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PRINCIPAL walked into the U. S. District Court in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and pleaded guilty to charges that she had embezzled more than $1 million from a volunteer ambulance squad.  Following her plea, she next went to the superintendent of the school board that employed her and resigned abruptly, catching him by surprise.  Previous to that day her school board had known nothing of her indictment that had been handed down on December 23.

Thea Tafner, was the former ambulance committee chairwoman of American Hose and Chemical Fire Company in Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania, and according to the documents filed with her indictment, between October 2000 and March 2010, she “knowingly and willfully embezzled, stole and otherwise without authority converted to her use and intentionally misapplied moneys, funds, securities, premiums, credits, property and other assets of a health care benefit program” and “converted to her use Medicare payments in excess of $1 million” and “less than $2.5 million.”

Her primary task was to oversee the VFD’s contracts with the EMS providers that were used to operate the ambulance service for American Hose and Chemical.  However, because of her machinations there was a constant turnover of providers and the serious deterioration of service caused the fire department to get out of the ambulance service completely in March 2010.

The Shamokin News Item has the complete report on this latest action HERE.

Firegeezer notes that her plea bargain agreement includes all of her personal assets be made available to help pay restitution for her thievery except for her school board pension fund, thus preserving her retirement benefits.  Do you think somebody who stole over a million dollars from the VFD should be guaranteed her pension?

Hat tip:  Carmine S.

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