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Wind Turbine Update

Starting Off the New Year’s Right

OUR FIRST WIND TURBINE UPDATE for the new year is a little different from our normal reports.  Instead of covering a series of different turbine incidents, we are reporting on just one.  Our friend and loyal reader Christian Lewalter sent us this story from Germany about a wind turbine that generated its own New Year’s Eve fireworks show. 

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On Friday afternoon, December 31, the Norden VFD in Germany ran a call to a wind farm after a hiker reported hearing what sounded like an explosion coming from the area.  Finding nothing, the FF’s returned to quarters and resumed getting ready for the FD’s New Year’s Eve party for the members.

At 11:00 pm the department’s members and their spouses were arriving for the party when several of them noticed a fireworks display starting up already. It was the entire machine housing of one of the turbines in the wind farm.

 At 11:07 the dispatch went out for everybody to get dressed
and go watch the sky rockets..

It was shortly after that when the ground display kicked in.

Pretty soon all the partygoers started showing up.

And what’s a New Year’s party without the noisemakers?!

Finally at 3:15 am the show was over and everybody headed back home.

Happy New Year, Everybody!

Firegeezer adds:  The machine housing that was burning is approx. 200 feet off the ground and virtually inaccessable.  The standard tactics for these fires is to stand back, watch, and go “uh, oh” while preventing the fire and burning debris from spreading any further.  You cannot safely approach a burning turbine because of the danger from very heavy debris falling.  On image #3 above you can see the rotor dropping off the generator.  The fire on the ground was started by the two other rotors that had already fallen.

On this fire a special call for a tanker was dispatched.  As noted above, they were on the scene for 4 hours.  The entire turbine and structure were a total loss at an estimated value of 3 million Euros.

The Norden VFD has the story along with a 24-image photo gallery HERE on their own website.  The website itself is worth the visit.

Wind Turbine Updates is an occasional feature at Firegeezer.  You can review previous updates HERE.

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