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Is The “Kennedy Ambulance” a Fake?

Authenticity Now in Doubt

A SURPRISE DEVELOPMENT HAS ARISEN with the provenence of the so-called Kennedy ambulance that is scheduled to be sold by auction tomorrow (Saturday).  On December 30 Firegeezer reported HERE on the upcoming Barrett-Jackson annual collectors car auction taking place all this week featuring the Pontiac ambulance that purportedly carried the remains of President Kennedy from Andrews AFB to the Bethesda Naval Hospital and then on to the Capitol building.

PontiacsOnline photo

Ever since the auction firm made their announcement last month, some dogged researchers at the Professional Car Society (whatever that is) have been probing and researching the paper trail of the ambulance and they are now saying that they think the ambulance is a fake.

They have trotted out more papers, letters and photos that they claim refute the provenence of the current owner.  They are claiming that they have verified that the 1963 Pontiac Bonneville had been given to the Kennedy Library in Massachusetts and they in turn, following the family’s wishes, had the ambulance crushed while witnessed by a library representative.

The doubters have laid out their case and “documentation” on the Jalopnik website HERE  and at a glance it appears to put serious doubt on the authenticity of the vehicle being offered for sale.  But if you read through their “evidence” carefully, you will see that this refutation is as dubious as the original claims, especially their photographic submissions.  But read through the Jalopnik article yourself with a doubting eye and see what you think.

Responding to this bombshell that was dropped on them this Tuesday, the Barrett-Jackson Auction firm has announced a press briefing will be held by them today (Friday).  We don’t know what their response will be yet, whether they accept or refute the new claims, or perhaps pull the vehicle from sale until more verification is done.  We will be watching to find out.

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