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Comment or do not whine later – NIMS training plan

National Incident Management System Training Plan (Draft) Released for Public Comment

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) Training Plan (formerly Five-Year NIMS Training Plan) has been released for a period of public comment.

The NIMS Training Plan (Draft) is located at, Docket # FEMA-2009-0012. Comm ents must be received by February 22, 2011.

A well-developed NIMS training program that both guides and promotes NIMS training is vital to a successful nationwide implementation of NIMS.  Therefore, the National Integration Center (NIC) asks that you take time to review and submit any comments, questions, and/or recommendations to assist with its improvement.

In addition to describing preexisting training requirements and detailing a practical approach for the development and maintenance of a NIMS curriculum, NIMS Training Plan (Draft) provides assistance and insight to stakeholders on current and future NIMS training.  Core competencies will form the basis of the training courses’ learning objec tives and personnel qualifications that validate proficiency.

FEMA recognizes the national NIMS training program must be more than a plan to train emergency management personnel to the ICS.  As a result, the NIC releases this NIMS Training Plan (Draft) to define a national NIMS training curriculum, core competencies, and personnel qualifications as well as assemble and update the training guidance for available NIMS courses (organized as a core curriculum).

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