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Morning Lineup – January 31

Monday Morning Lineup

Those innovative folks at the San Ramon Valley (California) Fire Protection District IT section have gone and done it again.  I’m referring to their imaginative and ground-breaking uses of the internet and cellphones to bring their FRD into the mainstream of everyday life of their citizens.  In May of last year we told you about their terrific WEBSITE HERE that is packed with information, and then on July 7 we reported HERE about their cellphone app that taps directly into their dispatch center with live posting of active fire/rescue activity, what units are on the call, maps of the locations, and even a live audio of the dispatch and fireground radio.  And yes, the app is free and available to everybody.

If you missed it the first time around, please take time to click on those links and see what they have been doing with this internet thingy and make sure that you watch the video.  Then check out this latest addition to their citizen partnership policy, a CPR notification signal.  This new app utilizes the GPS technology that is built into cellphones and is installed on the phones of people who are certified CPR performers.  To just explain it briefly, if there is a 9-1-1 call for a cardiac incident in the San Ramon Fire District territory, the dispatch will also send an alert to people who are registered in the program and in the immediate area at that moment.  It will tell them three things:  Where the incident is and what it is, a map showing where the address is located, and a map showing where the nearest AED is available.

The whole idea of course, is to get life-saving help to the victim as soon as possible and perhaps start CPR several minutes before the ambulance arrives.  Watch this video demonstration of how it works:


Since we first posted the stories on this department’s tech enrichment, thousands of other FRD’s have been exposed to it.  So far, I haven’t heard of anybody making any moves to a similar style of public awareness, but I’ve sure seen a lot of stories about how the firefighters are doing things that alienate their communities.  If your department is moving in the same direction that SanRamon is, please tell me about it so we can share your story too.

Ok, let’s get this equipment checked out now.  It’s Monday, so we have the weekly checks to make as well.  I’ll make sure we’ve got plenty of coffee ready.  See you back in the day room.

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