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Fairfax County Seeks to Trim BLS Ambulance Service

ALS Units Will Be Unaffected

FAIRFAX COUNTY (Virginia) FIRE & RESCUE CHIEF RON MASTIN has been directed by the Board of Supervisors to trim an additional $1.5 million from the FRD’s budget before the next fiscal year begins on July 1.  Chief Mastin has proposed cutting back on two of the BLS ambulances by taking them out of service at night.  The County has 37 ALS (Advanced Life Support) units that are staffed with paramedics and they will not be affected by the reduction of service.  There are still four BLS ambulances (Basic Life Support) that are staffed with EMT’s in service and two of them will be defunded from nighttime service if his plan is approved.

That action would pare an estimated $580,000 from the current $140 million budget and the rest would come from reducing the allotted strength of the Hazardous Materials Unit and by reducing overtime expenditures.

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