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Fire in Houston Day Care Home

Multiple CPR’s Reported.

Update, 3:50 pm Eastern:  One confirmed fatality so far.  Scroll down.
Update Two, 7 pm Eastern:  Three confirmed deaths.  Scroll down.

A FIRE BROKE OUT IN A HOUSTON, TEXAS, DAY CARE FACILITY around 1:30 pm Central today (Thursday).  The home had an estimated nine children and infants in it and there are reported multiple casualties.  Several CPR patients have been observed.


KTRK-TV Ch. 13 has filed this early video report:


KPRC-TV is reporting that a Houston fire official said at least two victims were taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital with second-degree burns. Their ages and conditions were not released.  Two others were treated for smoke inhalation.

 “We have 10 EMS units on the scene as well as several fire crews,” said Bill Barry with the Houston Fire Department.


Update, 3:50 pm Eastern:
KRIV-TV is now reporting:

One person has been confirmed dead from a child care center fire in west Houston.Seven children were transported to a nearby area hospital from that fire in the 2800 block of Crest Park Drive at Waypark Drive Thursday afternoon, according to an official from the Houston Fire Department. Two of those victims have suffered burn injuries and were taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

It is currently unknown if the deceased victim is an adult or child.


Update Two,  7 pm Eastern:
KTRK-TV is reporting this evening:

HFD Executive Assistant Fire Chief Rick Flanagan told Eyewitness News that seven children, ages 18 months to three years, were transported to the hospital. Three of those children have died, fire investigators say.

Neighbors told us that at least two witnesses and the owner of the daycare were trying to get the children out of the house. The woman who runs Jackie’s Child Care managed to pull at least two of the kids out. They had to wait for firefighters to arrive to rescue the other five children.

With the congestion created by the firetrucks on the narrow streets, some of the ten ambulances that responded couldn’t make it all the way to the address and the firefighters had to dash down the street to the ambulances carrying the victims.  KRIV-TV has provided this updated video report:

3 Children Dead in Child Care Center Fire:


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  • eden

    I am terribly sad for the victims and their families. I am also upset that the news recorded the lifeless bodies of those precious babies and toddlers for the rest of us to see. I used to work in a daycare years ago. I was the main supervisor of the infant room and I loved those little one’s dearly. I now have two boys of my own…so this incident really tears me apart. I couldn’t imagine if one of those children belonged to me or someone I know. To see them live on such a devistating situation would make me die inside. I think the live shots of these lifeless bodies should have been blurred out in the respect of loved ones who may be watching !!! Shame on you for not thinking of their families. God please comfort those who are suffering today.

    • Bill Carey

      One can only speculate as to whether or not an anonymous commenter with a sense of video outrage would have sent the same to every Houston news station which has posted photos as well as streamed live video from over top the scene. If you have, well then, your job is done. But consider that the majority of the readers here are currently in, or have been, some measure of public safety (i.e. fire, EMS, law enforcement). They have seen and will see far worse. Instead of providing a violation of etiquette why not take the time and print this out and see if your own daycare centers are in compliance with local fire codes. Then, go ot your local fire and EMS department and ask them if the current economic situation has left them unable to handle a incident such as this. Do likewise with your local politicians.

      But I doubt you will. Instead, you’ll complain that people are ‘liking’ this on Facebook.

      Bill Carey

      • eden

        Well Bill I can honestly say that I really do NOT use facebook…yes I am serious… As well, I DO realize that plenty of readers work, in some way or another, in the safety field. And I do know that they have seen, and will continue to see, much, much worse in their line of duty. I have had detailed conversations with a retired firefighter friend who literally needed to “peel” babies out of burning cars along with their parents…now, if you can TRY to understand how horrible it would be to see your loved one being broadcast LIVE on T.V., being pulled out of a fire, needing CPR, and this loved one was a child, but not just ANY child, but YOUR child…wouldn’t that be a gut wrenching, heart breaking nightmare of a way to find out??? I don’t really care about the polital crap right now, I care about familes who just lost their precious babies !!!! I’m sick to think that I saw this tragedy unfold in real time… I saw their lifeless babies on T.V before their parents were even told that there was a terrible situation at their child’s care facility!!! Sure, I love that we have the ability to capture dangerous situations live on TV, but please, I don’t appreciate it when the camera man zooms-in to the victims face, especially when the face belongs to a helpless child. It’s called “descretion”, the world needs to use a little more of it.
        Also, do you honestly think that the current economic situation had something to do with the outcome of this tragedy? Although I think our government is in the crapper, I highly doubt that the economy had any baring on this whatsoever. Horrific situations happen no matter what the economical stability is or isn’t…Devastation happens no matter how rich or poor…and one last thing- A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO RISKED LIFE AND LIMB TODAY, YESTERDAY,AND TOMORROW. May God bless each of you !!!!!!

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