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Christchurch Earthquake Update – Day 3

Death Toll Rises to 98.  Audio Report From Ambulance Officer.

WITHIN THE PREVIOUS MINUTES before this posting it was announced that the total number of documented deaths from the massive earthquake in New Zealand is currently 98 with at least 226 people still reported missing.  While those numbers certainly are distressing, it is amazing that they are so low when you take into consideration that the earthquake struck in the middle of the workday when all the offices and shops were populated.


It was reported earlier in some websites (including this one) that the initial quake took down the central fire station.  That was not quite accurate because it was the central ambulance station that was destroyed.  The fire station is still serving as the staging point for all incoming units.

We also have a very interesting audio report to present to you.  This is a radio broadcast from New Zealand and the announcer is reading an email from an on-scene ambulance officer who tells about his first 24 hours working the tragedy.  His narrative is graphic and sobering, but presents an excellent inside view of what was facing the first responders immediately after the first quake.  The clip runs about 8 minutes.

CLICK HERE to activate the audio player.
(Thanks to Darren Van Ek for sending this along to us.)

Aftershocks are continuing to strike every few hours adding to the danger by toppling more buildings and causing already-damaged structures to collapse.

About 80% of the city of Christchurch is without running water.

USAR teams from the U. S. (Los Angeles County), Australia, Singapore, Japan, Great Britain, and Taiwan are onscene today. 

70-member Japanese USAR team is briefed on their mission
prior to their departure from Tokyo.  (Kyodo News photo)

 Most of the rescue efforts are being concentrated on 10 major buildings downtown where most of the missing victims are believed to be trapped, including the CTV building, the Pyne Gould Corporation and the Christchurch Cathedral.  The 120 foreign language students have been determined to be 100% lost. 


New Zealand Herald

The AP has filed these video clips of
successful extrications compiled by OneNews


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