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F. G. Gnome Critiques a Flick

Hey, Everybody!

I just back from the theater! My cousin, Gnome N. Clature (we call him “Winky”), has a  part in the new movie “Gnomeo and Juliet” and I just had to go see if he could act.  He still owes me the $500 he borrowed from me to get to Hollywood, so I hope his acting career does well!  In truth, it was worth the money just to get him off my couch, where he’s been sleeping since getting the heave-ho at the fish cannery.

Our local theater is showing Gnomeo and Juliet currently in 3-D! Amazing stuff really. No more of those lame red and green glasses either, they got new fangled ones that look just like those special ones in that alien movie “They Live”.  It’s a gnomern-day version of Shakespeare’s classic play, but this one has better-looking actors.

They have 11 screens in there, but the biggest crowd  was with me.

So a cup of bubbly and a bag of popcorn and I was ready for some entertainment. I had heard that Gnomeo and Juliet had been the #1 movie last weekend and I’m pretty sure it will keep that spot judging from the crowds at mid-week!

These new-style 3-D glasses are really cooool!

The movie isn’t just a kids movie, there is enough adult Gnome humor in there for all…and the story is a classic. Well worth the money to see on the big screen and I give it a 5-shovels rating!  Here’s a teaser for you that shows what the movie is about:


I’m not gonna tell you any more about the plot because I don’t won’t to spoil the movie for you.  But if you have ever wondered what your garden Gnomes do while you are at the fire house, this is the movie for you!

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