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Assistant Chief Charged With Embezzlement

Not Wise to Steal Donations Made by the Sheriff.

HENRY CROSS, THE ASSISTANT CHIEF OF THE Bennington Rural Fire Department in Vermont was arrested and charged with felony embezzlement Wednesday.  According to the Bennington Banner:

The embezzlement charge stems from the donation of emergency light bars to the fire department by the Bennington County Sheriff’s Department. Bennington County Sheriff Chad Schmidt donated five or six light bars to the fire department after the two met in passing. Schmidt said Wednesday that he offered to donate the department’s old equipment after hearing that Cross’ own lights were not working.

“We loaded like five or six light bars in his truck, and I was very clear that they were for department use and not to be sold,” Schmidt said. “I specifically said I didn’t want to find them on eBay.”

The light bars never made it to the department, however, and were allegedly sold off, according to Doucette. Each has a value of about $300, he said.

Instead, Cross sold two of the light bars to VFD’s in New York.  The Sheriff has retrieved both of them, but the other four light bars are still missing.  Cross said that they were in the possession of other volunteers, but he refused to divulge any names.  His deceit led to the charges being laid.

Read the complete story in the Bennington Banner HERE.

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